Save piece of mind


We are not real estate agents looking to list your property. We are local, professional property buyers looking to buy your property. You have no obligation to accept our offer.

In a traditional real estate sale, a real estate agent “lists” your property, and it can take months for the agent to find you a qualified buyer, and even months more until the sale closes. 

Nothing can be more stressful than the “headaches, hassles, and open houses” associated with selling your property in the traditional way. That “For Sale” sign the real estate agent posts in your front yard is an open invitation to the curious public who want to know your business and tour your property. Do not be surprised to find strangers trampling through your house, night and day!

The big problem is many of these buyers are not serious and are just wasting your time. Even if they were serious about buying your property, so many of these buyers will not be able to qualify because of their personal issues or perhaps because your property will not qualify for the type of loans these buyers need to utilize. (If your property is in poor condition, many lenders might refuse giving your buyer a loan) Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months for you to find out you have the wrong buyer who cannot qualify to buy your property. You have wasted time you did not have.

Another problem is when real estate agents and buyers put you through hoops, asking you to do this repair or that repair. It is like they are looking for some reason not to buy your property. “I don’t like your paint color, can you replace the carpet, can you redo the landscaping, what’s wrong with your neighbors, etc. etc. etc.”

We will not waste your time. We will not ask you to do any repairs. We are not buying your property to live in it. If we say we will close, we will. We are professional buyers, who have the money, and experience to do what we say we are going to do. We will handle the purchase of your property, honestly and efficiently. We want to relieve your stress, so you can move on with your life.